Two Bentley Turbo R Cars Found in Denver

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Two Bentley Turbo R Cars

Spotted in Denver Colorado are Two Bentley Turbo R Cars for $8,500 USD. You are getting 2 cars that need a lot of attention. Both cars are complete and original with clean and clear titles. The Red Turbo R has 60,000 miles and still has a nice interior but the paint has faded over time. There are electrical gremlins preventing this car from starting. The black Turbo R has 85,700 original miles and also has a nice interior. The Paint is faded but in worse condition than the red one. There is diagnosis of this car and the seller has not even tried to start it. What a shame to see these cars in this shape. They are such amazing cars when running but its going to take a hardcore enthusiast to take this challenge on.  I am always in awe at how beautiful the interior coachwork is in British cars.

What do you think of the price for both these cars?

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Price $8,500

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