Twin-charged 350 horsepower 1987 Mercedes W201 190e 2.3-16v Cosworth

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Twin-charged 350 horsepower 1987 Mercedes W201 190e 2.3-16v “Cosworth” manual
full sequential EMS, ITB’s, new suspension, AMG wheels, and more!

You are bidding on a very unique/rare Mercedes 2.3-16v “Cosworth” 190e. The 2.3-16v is already a rare in terms of the U.S. market cars: Less than 2000 were ever imported in 1986 and 1987. Couple this rarity with a full complement of professional modifications, and you have an awesome “Baby pop Benz” with performance that can match its looks.

This particular “Cossie” was professionally built and tuned by a European performance house, with a bevy of upgrades necessary for the current power output. Topping the list is full sequential fuel injection via a MS3 Pro engine management system, and a host of one-off parts (coil-on-plug with Toyota coils, crank trigger, fuel rail, etc.). Adding to the fun is a set of individual throttle bodies from an E30 BMW M3 (I know, I know!), which are funneled into a single inlet via a custom stainless steel plenum. 

This 16v (with slightly upped compression) made over 200 wheel HP normally-aspirated. To put that into perspective, these vehicles were rated from the factory around 170 to the crank. But the fun doesn’t stop there. The builder not only added an 
M62 supercharger (from an SLK Kompressor) to the mix, but also a fully custom turbo system. This “twin-charged” configuration puts the power output around 350 HP, which makes acceleration formidable, to say the least. 

The header is a one-off masterpiece out of 304 stainless steel, and has been ceramic coated. It’s a long runner piece, that terminates in a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 9 style flange. A Lancer “Evolution” turbo has been fitted up with the 10.5cm exhaust housing (also ceramic coated). The compressor (also ceramic coated) has been upgraded to a “20g” size, which is pretty large for a 4 cylinder. The downpipe is also a really nice 304 SS piece, going from the Mitsubishi flange to a 3″ round downpipe. The downpipe then goes into a 2.5″ exhaust system, which contains both a resonator and a muffler (sounds great). The entire exhaust has trick V-band clamps, so you could easily take out the resonator, switch out the muffler, etc. if you want a different tone. The turbo exists into what looks to me like a large front-mounted intercooler. Nicely fabbed aluminum intercooler piping also holds a large Tial 50mm blow off valve. The boost then heads into the aforementioned m62 Mercedes supercharger, which is clutched and turns on/off via the ECU.

The suspension/brakes/wheels have received a lot of attention as well. Every underside bushing replaced. It has been converted from active suspension to a passive system. It uses a Stagg brand spring/shock lowering kit, and it’s roughly 3″ lower than stock. It has a large front swaybar, and custom endlinks both front and rear. There is a custom made camber kit on it as well as a rear shock tower brace. 

Providing the stopping force are genuine front/rear Evo II brake calipers and upgraded drilled rotors and stainless steel brake lines. The wheels are genuine CLK AMG wheels refinished in liquid silver: 17×7.5F and 17×8.5R. 245mm directional ZR-rated Achilles put the power to the ground, with a 215 G-Max providing the grip on the front.  

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