The Ferrari Opus : Rare Book by Ferrari

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What is the Ferrari Opus Book?  It is meant to be the definitive book on Ferrari by Ferrari.  It comes in 3 version with varying price tags.   These books are enormous!   I was fortunate enough to see this book in person at the Ferrari Dealership in the Wynn Hotel.  I believe it was the Classic Opus version (lowest) and was selling for $2000 US Dollars.   Its a huge book and very rare.   I promised myself that If I won money at baccarat, I would go get the book.   Sadly, the gambling gods were not having it and had to go to my room in the red.   I have never seen one for sale since so I thought it would be fun to write about it.

Ferrari Opus is a 50cm square book which tells the story of popular Italian luxury car manufacturer, Ferrari.

It is published by Kraken Opus.

The Ferrari Opus offers an unprecedented insight into the magic of Ferrari through a series of in-depth interviews, exclusive features and rare photographs.

The book covers many different aspects of the luxury car company including behind the scenes with workers at the factory in Maranello, Italy, at the races with the team and even in the cockpit with the drivers.

The 852 page Ferrari Opus features information on Ferrari greats such as Enzo Ferrari, Alberto Ascari, Niki Lauda, Michael Schumacher and many more.

The Ferrari Opus is available in 3 different editions: Enzo, Cavallino Rampante and classic.

  • Only 400 editions of the Enzo Ferrari Opus were produced. The edition comes in a sleek, black carbon figure clamshell adorned with the Ferrari racing shield. Each of the 400 copies is signed by all living Ferrari world champions on an individually numbered, silver-foiled signature sheet. The Enzo edition retails at £20,000.
  • The Cavallino Rampante edition is limited to 500 copies and includes personal signatures of Ferrari greats, past & present. It retails at £3,750.
  • The Classic Opus, which retails for £2,000, is signed by current Formula One drivers Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa.

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Above:  Security bringing the book for the official book signing



Above:  Steve Wynn and his wife



Above,  Warren Buffet signing the Ferrari Opus.



Above, Yao Ming signing the Ferrari Opus







Above:  Ferrari 250 GTO and the Ferrari Opus



Above:  These are huge books!

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