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Rare 1976 VW SP2 Found in Colorado

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Rare 1976 VW SP2

Spotted in Denver, Colorado is a Rare 1976 VW SP2 for $65,000 USD. The seller states this is a low mileage example with only 10,482 KM ( 6,552 Actual Miles). It has never been in an accident and there is no rust to speak of. The seller bought the car from the original owner who flew down to Brazil to buy this off the dealer show room in 1976. The SP2 was produced from 1972 to 1976 in Brazil. The Total production is 10,205 examples built. In 1976, only 100 cars were produced for 1976 and this car was the 1st built for the 1976 production run. These SP2 cars were built exclusively for the Brazil market. There are only 2 examples believed to be imported to the United States. Production ended due the debut of the Porsche 924.
From the factory, the VW SP2 was given a Larger Bore 1678 Displacement Engine and Larger Carburetors. There was also a Special Cam Shaft Designed for the VW SP2. This VW SP2 came from the Factory with a 4-Speed and Front Disc Brakes, Full Gauges with a Tachometer also. The seller was not satisfied with the faded and cracked original paint so he did a new show quality paint with the same factory color. The seats have alaso been redone in leather. The Door panels are still original and the door shut nicely.

What do you think of this SP2?

Were you aware that the SP2 existed?

1973 VW Phoenix Van Found in Florida

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1973 VW Phoenix Van

Spotted in Florida is a 1973 VW Phoenix Van for $25,000 USD. The seller states this is an extremely rare vehicle with only a dozen that exist. Only a handful are known to be in running condition. This car ran a year back when it was parked. It is believed it just needs a new fuel, carb cleaned and battery to to start. It has little rust on the body and and has been covered since parked. It has a digital dashboard consisting of 3 monitors including along a back up camera and a engine camera so you can monitor closely for close leaks or smoke! It has aluminum wheels, a classic Citroen steering wheel, and Porsche seats. The pop up tent feature is very interesting along with the gull wing style doors. This is a very interesting car.

What do you think of this Phoenix Van?

1979 Volkswagen Rabbit Limo Found in California

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1979 Volkswagen Rabbit Limo

Spotted in California, is a 1979 Volkswagen Rabbit Limo. Seller does not set a price but willing to entertain offers. The limo is 15.9 feet long. Its original 1.6 engine was swapped for a 1.8 liter with ported and polished heads and euro grind cam. It is still a 4 speed manual with a seller stated top speed of 100 mph. Does anyone want this? What is it worth?

1968 Dick Dean Shalako Dune Buggy

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1968 Dick Dean Shalako Dune Buggy

  Spotted in Portland is a 1968 Dick Dean Shalako Dune Buggy for $2,700 USD.   These were designed by Dick Dean and were produced in very limited numbers.   This particular car was a gift from  Dick Dean to one of his fabricators and was never full assembled.  It has the ultra rare front spoiler and gullwing doors which still have yet to be mounted.   It painted in metallic root beer brown  with lower gold side pods.  The wheels are also rare and the dash has never been cut for the gauges.   The buggy has a transaxle but no motor yet. What do you think of this car?

1970 Kelmark GT Found in Mesa

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1970 Kelmark GT
Spotted in Mesa, Arizona is a 1970 Kelmark GT For $5,900.   I have never seen a fully functioning and driveable Kelmark so this is pretty interesting.  I have always wanted to drive one.   It is based on a VW tube chassis and close to being finished.  It has a turbocharged VW Engine with fuel injection.    The seller has put on new tires already but the interior will need to be finished. Would you want to own one of these?  Post your comments!