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1973 VW Phoenix Van Found in Florida

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1973 VW Phoenix Van

Spotted in Florida is a 1973 VW Phoenix Van for $25,000 USD. The seller states this is an extremely rare vehicle with only a dozen that exist. Only a handful are known to be in running condition. This car ran a year back when it was parked. It is believed it just needs a new fuel, carb cleaned and battery to to start. It has little rust on the body and and has been covered since parked. It has a digital dashboard consisting of 3 monitors including along a back up camera and a engine camera so you can monitor closely for close leaks or smoke! It has aluminum wheels, a classic Citroen steering wheel, and Porsche seats. The pop up tent feature is very interesting along with the gull wing style doors. This is a very interesting car.

What do you think of this Phoenix Van?