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1988 Lotus Esprit Turbo For Sale in Missouri

Lotus Esprit 1988 Turbo 
Price $18,995
Only 37k miles
Seller is a dealer in Saint Louis, Missouri, Bogies Motors (314) 703-7004
  Seller will pay for shipping $20k in recent service/ maintenance VIN: SCCFC20A5JHF62115 I have always has a fondess for Lotus Esprits.    This is an 1988 model.    Peter Stevens redesigned the esprit which debuted in 1987 also known as Project X180.    These cars are turbo charged and produce 215 bhp and 220 lb-ft  which gave it a 0-60 time of 5.6 seconds.   Not bad for a 4 cylinder engine in the 1980s.    It also had a stop speed of 150 mph. The 1989 Esprit was improved again with GM multi-port , electronic fuel injection and the addition of a new water to air intercooler which Lotus called the Chargecooler.   This raised performance to 264 hp with 280 available on overboost.   The 1989 cars had a 0-60 time of 47 seconds with a stop speed raised to 160 mph.  

1991 Mercedes Benz AMG Hammer E60 W124 body

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1991 Mercedes Benz AMG Hammer E60 W124 body
Price $75,000
Mileage: 12,428 miles Chassis: WDB1240361B565465 This is believed to be a true factory E60.  I see no reason to doubt it. Only 126 of these rare cares were produced by Mercedes. AMG re-engineered the reliable M119 5.0 litre V8, increasing capacity to 6.0 litres and boosting power by almost 100hp. What do you think of price? Post your comments!

1972 E Series Euro Dino 246GT wreck in Zimbabwe/ Rhodesia

1972 E Series Euro Dino 246GT wreck in Zimbabwe/ Rhodesia

VIN: 03388 This is a wrecked Ferrari Dino 246GT that happened in the 1980s and parted. This car is not available for sale but what an amazing story this Dino must have. Can anyone track down its history? (VIN 03388) 1972 E Series Dino 246GT Euro crashed in an accident in Zimbabwe/ Rhodesia in the 1980s. Owned by an Australian who worked in Rhodesia and owned the wreck. He went back to Australia and had to leave the car but he was able to salvage usable parts like a pair of Dino Leather Seats.

Brandoli Dino 246 /206 Rear Glass

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Dino rear window 2

This a Dino 246/206 Rear Glass (reproduction)

Owner states this is from the Brandoli located in Modena, Italy. They are known for having many hard to find parts for Dinos. I have used Brandoli for other items and have been satisfied with the quality. I have purchased headlight covers for the Dino that has the correct curve, unlike so many other vendors. This is not an OEM product but it is being offered by the seller for $2,900.  I dont know if this is a good deal but finding an OEM window is getting scarce.   If you are in need of a rear window, I would suggest calling every vendor first to see if anyone has one stashed away.   Only then would I contact vendors in Europe like Brandoli, in Italy.