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1965 Lamborghini 400GTZ

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lamborghini-400gtz-1965-1 Lamborghini 400GTZ I was doing research and came across this car.  I have never heard of it so I thought I would document it. You may never get to see either of these 2 cars in person, but its pretty cool to know of some cars built by  Zagato for Lamborghini. According to the Lamborghini Registry there were only 2 Zagatos made.  They are both based on the mechanicals of the Lamborghini 350GT. 3.0 Liter  3500GTZ  #310 4.0 Liter 400GTZ #0322 ( presumably missing )  Havent seen with my own eyes but I have a lead. Inquire for more info. Elio Zagato ( son of the the founder Ugo Zagato) proposed the construction of a 350 GT with a special body for Marquis Gerino Gerini, a former F1 pilot.    Zagato received a shortend chassis and covered it with an aluminium body.  

1974 Ferrari Dino 246 GTS / Original Paint / Original Owner

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  dino-246-gt-orignal-paint-silver-ohio-2   1974 Ferrari Dino 246 GTS Original Owner! Odometer: 35,000 Original Miles Original Paint Location: Medina, Ohio Price: Asking $325,000 OBO Click Here for Ad   Wow a rare find!  1974 Ferrari Dino 246GTS in Ohio.   Original owner car.  You really dont see many all original owner cars that often.   If what the seller says in true , then this maybe a bargain at 325k.    From the pictures,  it looks to be a good unrestored car.   It has good patina and looks like an honest car.   Owner states the 35,403 miles are genuine.   So many  Dinos have been restored to such a high level due to the rising values but few can be said to be as delivered to the showroom.    I dont dislike total nut and bolt restorations but its a thrill to get into an all original car and drive it.  Buyers should buy a ticket to Ohio and inspect the car in person. Its seems the engine lid is missing from the pictures.   The mouse hair dash looks worn the way I would expect from an original dash board.  The window latches for the small door windows are missing.   They commonly fall off due to inferior glue.   All are minor easy fixes and can probably be sourced relatively easily. I know some dealers that have offered $300,000 to  and owner has refused.    This could be a great car for the preservation class at Pebble Beach next year.  Any  Collectors looking for this car right now?    Your thoughts!

1996 Porsche 993 C4S

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porche-993-c4s-2 1996 Porsche 993 C4S Odometer: 74,000 miles Transmission: Manual Price $67,000 US Dollars Click Here for Ad This Porsche 993 c4s is a  modifed example for a good price.  The modifications can easily be reverted back to stock configuration. The 993 models were built form 1993 -1998.   They had 3.6 Liter air cooled flat six engines.   The 4S came with 4 wheel drive and a slightly lowered suspension.    The 4S is heavier due to the all wheel drive system.   The curb weight was 3,197 pounds vs 3,064 pounds for the C2S.    There were only

How to identify a genuine Porsche RS Duck Tail

  porsche-1973-911-rs-white-2 I have never been able to  tell the difference between a real Porsche Duck tail or a replica.  This is what I have found. If I am incorrect in my research, please correct me.  I am genuinely interested to know the difference between a real and a replica. The  Duck Tail  from the 1973 Porsche 911 is one of the most iconic shapes in automotive history.   It is not only  beautiful but functional as well.    The duck tail provided lightness , better engine cooling, and decreases lift especially above 80 MPH and higher.   Ten years ago , I can remember seeing them for sale for $1,200 to $2,000 and thinking the seller was out of his mind.  Who would pay such a high price?   Well in hindsight,  I wish I was that fool.    Today , these Duck Tails can be $5,000 to $10,000 +.  Since the Porsche Company always pushed the limits of technology,  they experimented with fiberglass for aerodynamics and lightness.   The Duck Tails were not made of metal skins, they used fiberglass

1972 Ferrari DINO 246GT

ferrair-dino-246gt-1972-3 1972 Ferrari DINO 246GT Price $267,000 US Dollars Click Here for Ad   This particular car has had the same owner for 37 years. Amazing! Its was originally Argento Auteuil Metalizzato which is one of the many variations of silver that Ferrari offered. Metallic colors look amazing on the Dino 246 body. It would look stunning restored back to its original color. It has 77k original miles and comes with all books/ service records/ tool kits. This is a USA model and has the recessed front turn signal lenses not found on European production models. This seems to be a very good car for a great price. ferrair-dino-246gt-1972-4

1991 BMW E30 M3 BTCC Ex Tim Harvey

bmw-m3-e30-1991-ex-tim-harvey-2 1991 BMW E30 M3 BTCC  Ex Tim Harvey Location Northamptonshire , United Kingdom Price $183,716 US Dollars Click Here for Ad Amspeed are proud to offer for sale the Ex Tim Harvey Labatt’s sponsored 1991 BMW E30 M3, 1 of 5 built by Vic Lee Motorsport for the 91 British Touring Car Championship (BTCC) . Tim Harvey took this car to one outright win at the series finale at Silverstone and two podiums en route to claiming 8th in the championship. This car has retained its original livery throughout its existence and has been part of a handful of private collectors since 1991. Most recently the car has been competing in the HSCC Super Touring Car Challenge battling against other BMW M3s whilst mixing it with many of the later generation machinery. The car is race ready and available to view at our premises located only 5miles form Silverstone. For further information on the car please contact us on 01280701230 or at info@amspeedracing.co.uk