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Tesla Tax Credits Explained

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Tesla Tax Credits
The Government has been very supportive of alternative energy vehicles like the all electric Tesla S vehicles. As of now, there is a Federal Tax Credit of $7,500 Dollars for new buyers of Tesla vehicles. In Addition, the state that you live in has incentives as well to help you decide on an electric vehicle.
  • California states allows for a $2,500 tax rebate when purchasing or leasing an new Tesla vehicles.
  • Louisiana has the highest rebate which is $6,900 – $9,500 income tax credit depending on battery choice.
  • Colorado gives a $5,000 tax credit.
  • New Jersey will exempt the Sales Tax on the purchase. That can be worth be a big credit.
  • Oregon will be a $750 rebate for wall connectors and installation
See full post for chart of the tax incentives by state
Do these incentives in your state sway you to buy an electric vehicle?