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1990 Mercedes Benz Unimog FLU419 Found in Rosewell

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1990 Mercedes Benz Unimog FLU419

  Spotted in Rosewell, Georgia is a 1990 Mercedes Benz Unimog FLU419 for $20,000 USD.   You dont see very many Unimogs on the road anymore but this one is something I have never seen before.  This is a former Military Freightliner.  This one has a 17 foot Case Back Ho and International Front End Loader attached.  The seller states this is one of his toys and does not use it anymore.  It runs and drive and attachments operate properly.  This  vehicle sold new for $136,000 USD.  The selling price seems to be in line with similar offerings in the market. What do you think of this vehicle?