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1964 Porsche 356C Reuter Coupe for Sale in Ipswich

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Porsche 356C Reuter Coupe for Sale in Ipswich
Location: Ipswich, Massachusetts
VIN 127316
Engine #831729
Odometer: 48,775 Miles
This Porsche 356C is another restoration project waiting to start.   This car seems to be in much better shape than the 1963 356 T6 Project in Sarasota, Florida for not much more money.   At least this car can run for the time being.  Unfortunately this 356  has not been on the road since the 1980s.   It has a recently rebuilt 912 engine (#831729) installed with rebuilt Solex carburetors.   Seller is not aware of the location of the original engine.   There is bondo and rust throughout the car.   There was an accident  on the front passenger fender followed by poor repair work.     The gas tank is currently out of the car and will need to be reconditioned.   The seller has connected a temporary tank to confirm the engine is running.    It has a title from 1987.
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