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1969 Camaro Z/28

1969 Camaro Z/28

Spotted for sale is a 1969 Camaro Z/28. This car was undergone a full nut and bolt restoration. It looks to have been restored to a very high level. It sold in 2007 at auction for $130,000 USD but it can be purchased for less today. Anyone that is a Camaro Z/28 enthusiast should consider taking a look at this one. It is a matching numbers car and drives like new.

Price $99,000

2 Lamborghini Espadas Found in Phoenix

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Pair of Lamborghini Espadas

Spotted in Arizona is a pair of Lamborghini Espadas for sale for $65,000 USD. The first is a 1969 example with serial number 7302 and the other is a 1972 serial number 7861. They will only be sold as a package and most likely will require both to make one good Espada. However, it should be noted that there is only 1 12 cylinder Lamborghini engine and drivetrain included in the sale. Its good to know that both have clean titles and have been in dry storage for the last 30 years.

Lot of Porsche 356/911/912 Parts Found in Los Angeles

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Lot of Porsche 356/911/912 Parts

Spotted in Los Angeles, is a lot of Porsche 356/911/912 Parts for $15,000 USD. The seller states has a huge lot of Porsche parts (356, 911 and 92)… 4 x 912 Engine Cases, 1 x 915 Gearbox, Misc. Transmission housings. Countless matching Gear sets, Crankshafts, 912 / 356 Cylinder heads. Camshafts, Carburetors and countless parts, 356, 911 and 912 Air Boxes, Countless Seals, Bearings and other parts. The whole lot was stored for years and years in a shed here in LA. Everything is packed and categorized in 19 huge Storage Bins.

Where do you value this collection?

Rare 1976 VW SP2 Found in Colorado

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Rare 1976 VW SP2

Spotted in Denver, Colorado is a Rare 1976 VW SP2 for $65,000 USD. The seller states this is a low mileage example with only 10,482 KM ( 6,552 Actual Miles). It has never been in an accident and there is no rust to speak of. The seller bought the car from the original owner who flew down to Brazil to buy this off the dealer show room in 1976. The SP2 was produced from 1972 to 1976 in Brazil. The Total production is 10,205 examples built. In 1976, only 100 cars were produced for 1976 and this car was the 1st built for the 1976 production run. These SP2 cars were built exclusively for the Brazil market. There are only 2 examples believed to be imported to the United States. Production ended due the debut of the Porsche 924.
From the factory, the VW SP2 was given a Larger Bore 1678 Displacement Engine and Larger Carburetors. There was also a Special Cam Shaft Designed for the VW SP2. This VW SP2 came from the Factory with a 4-Speed and Front Disc Brakes, Full Gauges with a Tachometer also. The seller was not satisfied with the faded and cracked original paint so he did a new show quality paint with the same factory color. The seats have alaso been redone in leather. The Door panels are still original and the door shut nicely.

What do you think of this SP2?

Were you aware that the SP2 existed?