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1953 Norton Manx 350 Found in Los Angeles

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1953 Norton Manx 350

  Spotted in Los Angeles is a 1953 Norton Manx 350 for $42,500 USD.  This 350 Manx was purchased from Bernie Allen in England in 2002 by Mile Anderson. He raced the bike with the last outing at Pukekohe, New Zealand where Mike won all of his 3 races. This is a fast and reliable 350!!!   The seller purchased the bike from Bob Allen in 2009. Bob looked after it during some of it’s racing career (pictured) and restored the bike before I took delivery. The bike was displayed in Bobs shop before I purchased it.   The bike has not been used after returning from New Zealand in 2003. The bike with this frame # 52951 was dispatched to Denis Parkinson in Wakefield England in 1953. Manufacture date on frame is 6-53.  Research shows this was most likely used by Denis Parkinson to win the senior Manx GP on September 1953. Original motor is not with the bike at this time. Frame# 52951 Engine# 82770 Gearbox# PGT MX 1483. This is a 5 speed Coil spring valve conversion 1962 Manx 4LS front brake Works ultra light shocks w/ Ti shafts Modified front damper units 5 gallon tank Belt drive primary 19″ wheels