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1973 Porsche 911 Carrera RS M472 Touring Found in Florida

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1973 Porsche 911 Carrera RS M472

  Spotted in Florida is a 1973 Porsche 911 Carrera RS M472 for $699,000 USD.  This Touring Model has Rallye Monte Carlo Racing History!  The selling dealer states this car has been finished in its original color of light yellow with black Carrera Script.  It retains its original drivers seat and passenger seat as well as its original body panels.  The car was originally delivered in Germany to Dr. Heisse & Co. with a stamp on the Fahrzeugbrief dated

Porsche 1973 911RS 019 MFI : Mechanical Fuel Injection Unit

Porsche 1973 911RS MFI unit 

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P.O.A A real RS pump will have an unmolested ID tag number on top. The correct number is: 0408 126 019. The number above that is the serial number. The ID tag on the governor section shows: EP / RLA 1/51 R. The pump section shows:  PED6KL 60/120 R3 X. The date stamp on the pump casting will be a 72 to 74 date. This MFI Pum was built in the 52nd week of 1972.

3 Testarossas for $150,000 Found in Wylie

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3 Testarossas for sale for $150,000 Spotted on eBay are 3 Testarossas for $150,000 USD. The seller is in Wylie, Texas and has a 1991 , 1988,and 1988 Testarossas in various conditions up for auction. All 3 cars need alot of work with the black one showing to be in the best one. One of them has a rebuilt Texas Salvage Title which be better off as a parts car. Seller admits this cars are not perfect and cautions bidders that they will all need alot of work to return to top working order. This is definitely a unique opportunity and needs to be looked into. I would want to see these cars in person and take an honest assessment of their conditions and needs for restoration. Do you think this is a screaming deal or still overpriced? Post your comments!

46 IDA Weber Carburetors Found in Los Angeles

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46 IDA Weber Carburetors for Porsche 906
Here are 46 IDA WEber Carburetors for sale in Los Angeles. These are made in Italy and came off a running Porsche RSR/906 engine about 2 years ago. These are correct for a Porsche 906 with a 3.0 or 3.2 liter engine. They have been sitting on a shelf and have very little carb time. No corrosion or porosity. They come with Vintage K & N complete filters.