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1991 Mercedes 300ce Koenig Special for Ken Griffey Jr.

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mercedes-300ce-koenig-special-edition-ken-griffey-jr-2 1991 Mercedes 300ce Koenig Special for Ken Griffey Jr. Location: New Britain, Connecticut VIN: WDBEA51D9MB299059 Salvage Odometer: 30,000 miles Price: $50,000 US Dollars Click Here for Ad This is Ken Griffey Jr’s 1991 Mercedes 300CE Koenig Special. It was sold at Copart as a salvage vehicle on Nov 25th, 2015. It was originally painted black with black interior.   It suffered side damage and was totaled by the insurance company. The seller bought it  and returned it to its former glory but now in purple.    Now asking $50,000.    This car has been for sale for a long time now.  It needs a specific type of buyer that is a Koenig enthusiast.   The color in my opinion isnt going to help the sale either.

2005 Mercedes CL65 AMG

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2005 Mercedes CL65 AMG Only 142 cars imported to USA in 2005

6.5 Liter 12 Cylinder/ 604 horsepower / Torque 735 lb-ft MPG 12 city/ 19 highway Curb Weight: 4,654 lbs Odometer: 108,346 miles Price $21,000 US Dollars Contact Info:  786 663 -0545 Click Here for Ad This is a rare car. I just spotted a silver one in LA on the freeway and it still brings a smile to my face. Seller has done a recently service which included an oil change, fluids, wipers, ignition coils, spark plugs and new tires. Not a bad price for a such an iconic engine by Mercedes Benz.  Amazing value for what you are getting.

Spotted: Mercedez Benz SL65

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Spotted: Mercedez Benz SL65 I was driving the other day and came across this. I had to stop to take a quick picture because an rarely see any of the Mercedes 65 cars on the road. Normally, I wouldnt look twice at a 500SL, SL55, or SL600 but this was something special. These are known to be very capable and reliable cars and in the used car market they are becoming more affordable for a convertible hardtop roadster. I didnt know too much about these other than they were the flagship model of the SL Class. They are special but look almost identical to the lower models that it is easy to not pay attention. Mercedes has been known to set the benchmark of luxury and performance by featuring all their best features/ options/ and most powerful engines into their flag ship cars. I decided to do some research on the SL65 and it is truly an impressive machine. The entry level car was the SL500 which had a starting price of $91,300 USD. The SL65 was priced at a whopping $182,100 USD (base price) in 2005! That puts these cars in supercar territory. SL500: $91,300 Base SL55: $123,300 Base SL600: $129,400 Base SL65: $182,100 Base What is interesting is that the SL600 has a 0-60 of 3.6 seconds(0.2 faster) but the more powerful SL65 has a 0-60 time of 3.8 seconds. It turns out the SL65 doesnt have enough traction to handle the horsepower adequately. Perhaps a set of