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1993 Mercedes 500GE Body Found in Netherlands

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1993 Mercedes 500GE Body

  Spotted in Netherlands is a 1993 Mercedes 500GE Body for €8,950 Euro.  These are rare 1 year only cars with only 500 examples built in 1993.  This was the first time Mercedes and AMG worked to shove a 240 HP  5.0 V8 M117 into the engine bay.   The majority of these cars were painted purple with a handful of other colors available if the customer requested it.  Mercedes doubted that they could find enough customers willing to pay 200,000 Deutschmarks so they were sold only by word of mouth.   Customers interested would be given silver tie clips with an engraved G silhouette when signing the purchase contracts.   After taking delivery of their new 500GE cars, the customer What do you think of this car?