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2015 Lucra LC470 Race Car Found in Los Angeles

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2015 Lucra LC470 Race Car

  Spotted in Los Angeles, California is a 2015 Lucra LC470 Race Car for $108,000 USD.  The is a 640 HP street legal car with only 4,000 Miles.   The Lucra is a hand built car made in California.  It uses an LS7 power plant with a carbon fiber body putting the car at less than 2,000 lbs.  It features an Eaton TrueTrac differential with a custom Magnaflow exhaust capable of 0-60 times in the high 2 second range.   This specific car has a one-off custom removable aluminum hardtop specially built by Lucra.  It is the only Lucra with a hardtop.  It is a very interesting canopy design. What do you think of this car?