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Lamborghini LM002 Original Winch For Sale in Italy

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Lamborghini LM002 Original Winch

Loation: Near Sant’ Agata, Italy For Sale: Original winch taken off of a Lamborghini LM002 taken off a car around 20 years ago and working. This is something you dont find for sale everyday.  So few cars were made that any part from an LM002 is a big deal.  I cant verify if this was the actual style of winch used on the LM002 but seller believes this to be the case. Can anyone confirm this would be period correct on this car?

1990 White Lamborghini LM002 For Sale in New Jersey

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1990 Lamborghini LM002

Location: New Jersey
Odometer:  20,002 Miles
Engine:  5.2 Liter 48 valve 12 Cylinder
VIN: ZA9LU45A7LLA12250
Price: $249,500 US Dollars
These are just amazing and unique off road vehicles from Lamborghini.   This LM002 has only 20k miles.   On October 25th,  we posted a red LM002 for sale for $399,000 with half the mileage.   I saw the heavy weight champsion Mike Tyson in Los Angeles  driving a  white one many years ago. If you had $250,000 and you had to choose a car,  would you pick this one?