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1985 Mercedes 5000SEL Gemballa Found in Las Vegas

1985 Mercedes 5000SEL Gemballa

Spotted in Las Vegas is a 1985 Mercedes 5000SEL Gemballa for $12,500 USD.  The seller states this car has a salvage title.  He says this car was upgraded by Gemballa in Germany.  It only has 81,000 miles and drives well.  The hydraulic suspension was removed and springs and shocks were installed.  The hydraulic suspension components do come with the car.  It has chrome AMG monoblock wheels 17 x 8 with newer Michelin 235/45/17 tires.  

What do you think of think of this car?

Porsche Gemballa Metal Slant Nose Kit Found in Monterey

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Porsche Gemballa Metal Slant Nose Kit
Spotted in Monterey  is a Porsche Gemballa Metal Slant Nose Kit for $2,500 USD.   This kit is for an older Porsche 911 quite possibly a 964.  The front bumper in the photo looks to be a very close to a 964 bumper.    It comes with metal slant nose fenders and metal rocker panels.   The front bumper , rear bumper and tail section are fiberglass.   I have never seen a kit like this for sale but it is missing the most important piece which attaches around the rear window in front of the tail section.   They look to be a major design focal point and designed for maximum air flow.  This piece is missing and it will be extremely difficult to source that for a complete Gemballa look.   Also the side mirror is missing which really completes the look.   I imagine this could easily be replicated but the rear window section is more complicated of a design.  If your goal is to creat a 1980’s icon than this is great starting point.    What a decade of excess and flamboyance! What do you think of owning a Gemballa Porsche ?  Post your comments!