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2008 Ferrari F430 Challenge Car For Sale in San Francisco

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2008 Ferrari F430 Challenge Car For Sale
Location:  San Francisco
Not Street Legal
VIN: ZFFEX63X000158765
Another Ferrari F430 Challenge car for sale.   This is a  2008 Ferrari F430 Challenge Car (NOT STREET LEGAL) is freshly painted and ready to go! The perfect serious track day car or can be entered in the Tifosi Challenge Race Series. The F430 Challenge cars were raced in the Ferrari Challenge Series from 2006-2011 . Ferrari 355 Challenge cars are trading hands above $160,000  so keep an eye on the F430 Challenge  car market. The car was maintained by R3 Racing in LA, and has had numerous items replaced during its race life, as is the case for well-maintained race cars. The car has been lightly driven in the last 5 years, used very occasionally and gently as a track day car. During its racing career, this car set the track record at Montreal while under the ownership of the previous driver, Harry Chueng. The car now has 8,997 miles on it, or 14,510 kilometers, 60% remaining clutch life, front rotors are 59% worn (41% remaining), rear rotors are 20% worn (80% remaining) pads are nearly new. Included with the car are the hard and soft shocks, springs and sway bars, windows, and a second set of wheels with rain tyres on them.
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2003 FERRARI 360 GT Michelotto

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2003 FERRARI 360 GT Michelotto

Ferrari 360 Racing Model Location: Austria his is a rare opportunity to purchase one of the finest examples of the 20 original 360 GTs. Chassis No.  F131GT 2028 Price:  290,000 Euros plus VAT if planning to stay in Europe. Click here for Ad   Model History: The history of the 360 GT begins with Team JMB Giesse who created a modified challenge car to race in the 2000 FIA N-GT Championship. After a short season by JMB, Ferrari then decided to test an official 360 GT for the 2001 season. Since this time, 360 GTs have been extensively raced at ACO and FIA events. ferrari-360-gt-2 2001 was somewhat of a test year for Ferrari to see if the 360 GT would be a viable solution to the Porsche GT3. By March of that year, Ferrari delivered the first 360 GT, #118775, to Michelotto.