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1994 Ferrari 512TR Found in Boston

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1994 Ferrari 512TR

  Spotted in Boston is a 1994 Ferrari 512TR for $500,000 USD.  This is a very strong asking price for a rare 1 owner yellow 1994 512TR.   In 1994 only 60 are believed to have come to the US shores.  It is also the only year with ABS brakes.  This example has 30,600 original miles and the seller states that it had a major service performed recently along with a fresh set of new tires.   There is no doubt this is a rare car and the last year of production for the 12 Cylinder 512TR.   I hope he is able to get his asking price! How many 1994 cars were painted yellow? Can the seller get this price?

Ferrari Testarossa Center Lug Spare Wheel Found in Los Angeles

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Ferrari Testarossa Spare Wheel

  Spotted in Los Angeles is a Ferrari Testarossa Spare Wheel for $1,500 USD.  This is a center lug wheel used by early Testarossas from 1985 to  mid 1998 until switching to the 5 bolt pattern.  The seller says its like new with original tire.   I dont think this spare has ever been used. What do you think of price?

1988 Ferrari Testarossa Found in San Francisco

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1988 Ferrari Testarossa

  Spotted in San Francisco is a 1988 Ferrari Testarossa for $125,000 USD.  The seller is ready to move on to the next phase of his life and is ready to downsize.  He has owned the car for 5 years and invested over $50,000 in restorations in that time.   The major engine out service was completed in May of 2015 with an additional $10,000 of work done by Roselli’s in San Jose.  There is a binder of all mechanical work since new.   There is a custom sound system as well as new catalytic converters and mufflers.   A complete brake overhaul was done.   This seller has taken care of this car and made improvements to keep it in top shape.  What do you think of this car?

1985 Ferrari Testarossa Owned By OJ Simpson

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1985 Ferrari Testarossa

Spotted in Arizona is a 1985 Ferrari Testarossa Owned By OJ Simpson for $1,250,000 USD.   The seller has put his car formerly owned by OJ Simpson up for auction at the same time OJ was released from prison.   He has set a high Buy It Now Price but bidding is currently only at $75,100 US with 1 day 5 hours left.   1985 was the first year for the Testarossa to come to the USA.  In this first year only 121 examples were brought into the country making these early flying mirrors very rare cars.   I wonder how many of the 1985 examples still exist?  What do you think of this car?