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Update | 1985 testarossa engine out service continues

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Update | 1985 testarossa engine out service continues
The 30k major service has been going well.   Alternator and water pump have been rebuilt.  The Valves have been adjusted as well.   The AC compressor is leaking and looking for best option to replace or rebuild existing unit.   The smog pump has seized so will have to get into that as well.   The front spoiler has had

1985 Ferrari Testarossa Monospecchio Found in San Francisco

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1985 Ferrari Testarossa Monospecchio For Sale in San Francisco
US Spec Car
This 1985 Ferrari Testarossa Monospecchio (Flying Mirror) car is 1 of 122 produced for the USA market in 1985.   It is believed this is the 3rd US spec car imported to USA.   It has 69,400 miles and has been enjoyed its entire life.   The car will need an engine out service so factor another $10,000 for that big maintenance.    This is a California car and passes strict emissions for this state.   It has a clean title with no lien.   A solid driver in a rare color.   I think the Monospecchio cars will continue to appreciate in the next few years.  What a great license plate for a 512TR.  Not sure why he assigned it to this car but still cool !

Aston Martin DB5 Project

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Aston Martin DB5 Project
I went to see my friend’s Aston Martin Project today and 1 of his 5 German Shepherds was waiting to greet me.    I wanted to see how the restoration has been coming along.   It looks amazing in bare metal.    This project is an Aston Martin DB5 that has been taken down to bare aluminum for a full restoration.    The Body repairs are close to being done.   In the past 3 years, these cars have skyrocketed in price.   It seems like only yesterday they were going for $100,000 and now they are $600,000 plus!  Its such a beautiful car and I cant wait until its completed.  

Comparison of a Ferrari Testarossa Luggage Set and a Ferrari 512TR Luggage Set

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Side by Side Comparison of the Ferrari Testarossa Luggage Set and the Ferrari 512TR Luggage Set
The Ferrari Testarossa first appeared on in the USA  in 1985 starting with the 2 year only Flying Mirror version and subsequent variations after that.   Overall the Testarossa model  was produced from 1985 to 1991.   During these production years, Ferrari offered custom fitted Testarossa luggage by Schedoni.    Some would say the Ferrari 512TR model is just a continuation of the Testarossa but I think the 512TR should be considered a separate model all together due to the enormous number of changes and improvements made on these cars for 1992 through 1994.    Many believe the luggage found in both the Testarossa and 512TR are the same but are in fact very different.

2013 Perana Z-One For Sale in Los Angeles

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2013 Perana Z-One For Sale
Location:  Los Angeles, California
The Perana Z-One is built by coachbuilders Zagato and Perana Performance Group.  They are a south african vehicle manufacturer.   This is 1 of 7 in the USA.   They are based off of the 6th generation Corvette.    There will only be 999 cars built per year to assure exclusivity.   Zagato has opened a new design center in the heart of car culture in Santa Monica, California.    This is where the Perana Z-One was designed and styled.   It would be interesting to get a close look at one of these cars.   I am curious if it still feels like a corvette.
Would you want one of these in your garage?