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Euro Ferrari 360 Spyder Found in Broward County

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Euro Ferrari 360 Spyder
Spotted in Broward County, Florida is a Euro Ferrari 360 Spyder for $63,000 USD.  This is a Euro Model with an F1 Transmission for what seems like a very good price.   It was originally delivered to France and then transported to South Florida.   It has all the books and includes the toolkit as well.    This car just had it 30,000 mile service new water pump and thermostat and has a new convt top mechanism. This car has Black Ferrari carbon fiber seats a $20,000 add on and X-OST from Maranello.   The air boxes have been carbon-fiber dipped.   There are a few scratches on the passenger side mirror and on the panel behind the seats from installing the top, which is an easy fix. What do you think about his euro model? Priced right?  Post your comments!

1990 Ferrari Testarossa Found in Mesa

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1990 Ferrari Testarossa
Spotted in Mesa, Arizona is a 1990 Ferrari Testarossa for $87,000 USD.   This car has recently been serviced and title is in hand by the seller.  The Testarossa does look best in black offset with “Crema” leather interior.    The car underwent a full “engine-out” belts, water pump and roller/tensioner service including a new clutch and pressure plate that was completed at 58,291 miles.   However , the ad does not state how long ago the service was done.  It is very possible its due for  another major service.  Major engine our services are recommended every 5 years or 15,000 miles whichever comes first.    Brand new tires on the stock OEM wheels. Also recently had a clear bra installed on the hood, mirrors and rear quarters.  In 1990 , Ferrari produced 452 examples for the USA Market.   This was the highest year of production between 1985 to 1991. What are your thoughts on this Testarossa? Post your comments!

Austrian Fashion Model Crashes Ferrari 246GTS in Ibiza

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Austrian Fashion Model Crashes Ferrari in Ibiza
A 25 year old Austrian fashion model crashed a £400,000 Ferrari Dino 246GTS in Ibiza while high on cocaine then tried to escape on Londoner boyfriend’s private jet. She was accused of fleeing the scene of the accident and trying to leave the island in a private jet.  Police says she was driving without a license and tested positive for cocaine.