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1965 Alfa Romeo Guilia Sprint Found For Sale in Los Angeles

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1965 Alfa Romeo Guilia Sprint Found For Sale
Location: Los Angeles, California
Alfa Romeos have been appreciating very rapidly lately. Here is a full restoration on an Guilia Sprint for sale at Monza Car in Los Angeles.  Its difficult these days to find a cheap Alfa Romeo Giulia anymore.   I have heard these cars are going back to Europe to be turned into track cars for enthusiasts.  Perhaps that explains the price jump.   The Giulia was manufactured from 1963 to 1965.   These cars came with 1,570 cc displacement version of the all aluminium twin cam inline four.   Beautiful cars and alot of fun to drive.

1972 Ferrari 365 GTC/4 For Sale in San Antonio

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Ferrari 365 GTC/4 For Sale

Location: San Antonio, Texas Odometer: 41,538 MIles VIN ZFF00000000015343

Ferrari of San Antonio has a 1972 Ferrari 356 GTC/4 for sale.   It has 41,538 miles and looks to be in excellent restored condition.  There were only 505 examples produced over a short 2 year production run.  The chassis and drive train were carried over from the Ferrari 365GT4 2+2. These are considered to be good driving cars and have more than doubled within the last 4 years.  The engine compartment is extremely impressive, having been thoroughly cared for and recently detailed. Almost every component was refinished, including the inner fenders, brake booster, carburetors, air boxes, and the engine itself.  

1961 Porsche 356B Roadster For Sale in Hawaii

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1961 Porsche 356B Roadster For Sale in Hawaii

Location: Hawaii

Odometer: 300 miles after full restoration

  these Porsche 356 cars have been popping up for sale more frequently it seems.  I have seen sellers offer basket case roadsters that require full rotisserie restoration for 100k plus.   For another 50k more to have a full restored and ready to drive car is very appealing.   No need to wait 2 years and endless check writing to get it done.  This particular car is a  beautiful green 1961 Porsche 356  Roadster that is for sale in Hawaii.   It is painted in  Auratium Green with a new tan interior.  It has a wood Nardi steering wheel.  The electrical system has been converted to 12 volt.  The 1720 cc engine was built by Alan Klingen of “The Stable” in San Francisco.    Worth Checking out.
What are your thoughts on this car?