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2003 Dodge Viper V10 Engine and 6 speed transmission

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2003 Dodge Viper V10 Engine and 6 speed transmission

Location Austin, Texas
Price $10,000 US Dollars
Anyone looking for a Viper motor to put into a restomod project? This engine has been rebuilt and  includes the 6 speed transmission, ECM, fuel tank, fuel pump and even the pedals.   It will come with a remote oil cooler and all the accessories on the engine including the exhaust manifolds. Seller is asking $10,000 USD OBO.
Can you think of a good project to put this in?

Mustang Boss 302 Vintage Race Car spotted in California

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Mustang Boss 302 Vintage Race Car

Location: Yorba Linda, Ca
Price: $135,000 US Dollars
A real BOSS 302 Mustang that has spent its entire life as a race car. Seller has documentation and old photos of this car in its racing career. It has a rare Bud Moore Manifold and has gone through extensive development to be competitive. Currently ready to race for 2017 season.

2005 FORD GT in Oregon

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2005 FORD GT in Oregon

Location: Oregon Mid Engine/ Rear Wheel Drive Odometer: 2,700 Miles Top Speed: 205 mph 0-62 MPH in 3.9 seconds 550 Hp at 6500 rpm 500 lb-gt of torque at 3750 rpm

Price: $285,950 US Dollars

The Ford GT is an interesting collectible car. They were only made form 2005-2006 with a total production run of 4038. When these cars came out, they were commanding as much as $100,000 premium over the MSRP of $149,995 on July 1, 2005. Optional Equipment available included a Mcintosh sound system, racing stripes, painted brake calipers, and forged alloy wheels adding another $13,500 to the MSRP. Production ended on September 21, 2006 with a total run of 4038 GT cars which was short of the originally planned 4500.  Collectors have speculated these cars can reach $400,000 so this maybe a good value.

1968 AMX: Rare American Motors “Von Piranha” Edition

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1968 AMX: Rare American Motors “Von Piranha” Edition

Location: Salina, Kansas 8 cylinders/ 390 Cubic Inch Motor Odometer: 24,700 Miles Transmission: Automatic

Price: $39,900 US Dollars

  This is a rare car of which this is only 1 of 22 built by Thoroughbred Motors in Denver, Colorado for select AMC Dealerships in the Colorado Region.  The car was stored in a shop in Colorado for over 30 years.     In January of this year ( 2016),  this car was advertised for $34,900.   Its an interesting car and obviously very rare. The seller is offering free enclosed shipping to the buyer.