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1965 Lamborghini 400GTZ

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lamborghini-400gtz-1965-1 Lamborghini 400GTZ I was doing research and came across this car.  I have never heard of it so I thought I would document it. You may never get to see either of these 2 cars in person, but its pretty cool to know of some cars built by  Zagato for Lamborghini. According to the Lamborghini Registry there were only 2 Zagatos made.  They are both based on the mechanicals of the Lamborghini 350GT. 3.0 Liter  3500GTZ  #310 4.0 Liter 400GTZ #0322 ( presumably missing )  Havent seen with my own eyes but I have a lead. Inquire for more info. Elio Zagato ( son of the the founder Ugo Zagato) proposed the construction of a 350 GT with a special body for Marquis Gerino Gerini, a former F1 pilot.    Zagato received a shortend chassis and covered it with an aluminium body.