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Black 1994 Ferrari 348 Spyder For Sale in Florida

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Black 1994 Ferrari 348 Spyder For Sale
Location: Deerfield Beach, Florida
Odometer: 44,000 Miles
This is a late model Ferrari 348 spyder found  in Florida.   The seller states the belt service was just done.  He also has all the service records including tools and books.   The mileage is not terrible at 44,000 miles but to many buyers that is double what is acceptable on a Ferrari.   This would be a fun toy for someone looking for an affordable Ferrari and as a bonus it’s a convertible!  If the belt service was done properly, then you are ahead of the game.   These cars are growing on me.  I think they are a lot of fun to drive.
For this price range, would you consider buying a 348 Spyder or a Mondial T?