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AMG Hammer Build Found in Hayward

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AMG Hammer Build W124

  Spotted in Hayward California is an AMG Hammer Build Found in Hayward for $27,500 USD.  The seller has taken a 1994 E320 Coupe and created his version of the iconic AMG Hammer of the 1980s.  His version consists of 500E widebody front fenders and front spoiler along with 500E rear flares and rear bumper.  I prefer the AMG widebody look more but this is his interpretation.   The engine he chose is the AMG C36 which has been fully rebuilt with OEM parts.   The motor has less than 2k on the build and fully documented.   The AC system has been rebuilt along with a new compressor.    A manual transmission was chosen along with a 3.07 LSD.  It also has chrome AMG 3 piece OZ wheels.   The car is said to pass smog in California with no issues. What do you think of this build?

1989 Mercedes 300CE Black AMG Found in Sonora

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1989 Mercedes 300CE Black AMG
  Spotted in Sonora, California is a 1989 Mercedes 300CE Black AMG for $5,500 USD.   These are rare pre-merger cars in a very desirable black on black color combo.   It has AMG AERO Monoblock 17 inch wheels which complements the AMG body work.   The front spoiler has probably seen better days but still salvageable.  The overall paint is ok but the clearcoat is peeling on the hood.   What do you think of this Pre-Merger Car?

1991 Mercedes 300CE White AMG Found in Los Angeles

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1991 Mercedes 300CE White AMG
  Spotted in Los Angeles California is a 1991 Mercedes 300CE AMG for $4,700 USD.   The pre-merger era of AMG  was responsible for some great body kits and engine transplants.   This 300CE has a stock engine and an AMG body kit from that era.   I believe its missing the proper AMG front spoiler but has the side skits, rear bumper, and ducktail.   I particularly like the  Affalterbach AMG badge on the rear trunk. What do you think of these Pre-Merger AMG cars?