Road Trip 2017: Hunting for Classic Cars | Days 4 -8

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Road Trip 2017: Hunting for Classic Cars | Days 4-8

Ashland, Oregon is a really quaint small town.  It holds an annual Shakespeare Festival with 2 million visitors.   The whole downtown area has construction going on for this event.  As an Los Angeles resident , it amazes me how friendly everyone is.   I guess we are just jaded coming from LA.    We next drove to Portland, Oregon and spent a few days there to check out the city.  We hit all the tourist land markets:  Voodoo Doughnuts, Chinatown, Powell Books, Nike, Lake Owego, Mother’s Restaurant, Downtown Food Carts, etc.   It was alot of fun.   After a few days of Portland , we were ready to take the 4 hour drive to Seattle, Washington.   While Portland had a more small town feel, Seattle felt like Los Angeles.   It rained the whole time but it was a city I could see myself living in.

Above: A Nash Cosmopolitan parked in the corner of a garage near my hotel.  It hasnt moved the whole time we have been in Portland.  I’m not a fan of these but still a cool find on this trip.


Above:  The Apple Store in downtown Portland is huge!   Everybody was very friendly and I was able to get support for some issues I was having with my phone.

Above: Waiting in line at Voodoo Doughnuts at 1 AM.    The amount of people willing to wait in line in the cold rainy weather is incredible.


Above: Voodoo Doughnuts has great marketing and has a cool vibe to it.  Here is the pink doughnut boxes they use.

Above:  The Famous Mother’s Restaurant in downtown Portland, Oregon.  Delicious food and coffee.

Above: The entrance to Chinatown.

Above:  I love this book store.   This is Powell’s Books and its huge and multi-floored.  I could spend all day here.


Above: Their local market and the produce looks amazing here.  Must be all the rain!

Above:  We went to Nike HeadQuarters in Beaverton, Oregon.


Above:  The drive to Seattle, Washington.   It was raining and the roads were city.


Above:  The Seattle View is breathtaking.


Above: We spotted this old drag racer style car prowling the street late one night.  Interesting car.  Look how wide the tires are.


Above: We had dinner at a chinese restaurant.  You can see them making dumplings while you wait.

Above:  The famous Public Market by the water.  Its definitely a tourist trap but well worth it to go at least once.

Above: This is the place where they throw the fish to each other.


Above:  Found a great Dim Sum Restaurant in Downtown Seattle’s Chinatown.  It can be good unless you get a C rating right?   It was delicious.  So much more flavorful than the Dim Sum I get back home.

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