Road Trip 2017: Hunting for Classic Cars | Day 2

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Road Trip 2017: Day 2

We explored San Francisco and had a great time. In the morning we went for Dim Sum which is my favorite thing to do in the rain. It was a recommendation and the quality of the food was amazing. Next we explored the Windmills and Land’s End. Its beautiful and reminds me of Carmel by the Sea with the forests along the coast and the wind swept trees.




I was treated to incredible Omikasa sushi today.   What an experience!   This was my first time doing Omikasa ( Chef’s Choice) and I loved every bite of it.





Went to a local Classic Car Dealership in downtown San Francisco today.   They had a Porsche 993 Turbo that I would like to buy.   This car has 75,000 miles with 5 owners since new.  The transmission was rebuilt and the right rear fender had an accident in the past.  The salesman says the accident was minor and was repaired to the highest level.   This accident does not show up on the carfax.   I was given some of the repair invoices before my trip and it left too many holes in its history.   There is an invoice with a compression test showing results of 140 in all cylinders but 1 which was 125.   There is no  indication of this being fixed but the salesperson seems to assure me the car is in good working order.  He did not want to scan all the invoices so he said I would have to come to the dealership to get more info.   I think this is the wrong thing to say to a potential buyer.  Obviously I am serious and doing my due diligence which is expected.   I feel the salesperson thinks I am inconveniencing him.    I wanted to do my own leakdown test but he insisted I leave a 1,000 deposit first.  Just to do a test that I am paying for?    Since its a car with stories and a dealer that isnt too forthcoming , I decided to pass on it for now.


The dealership is beautiful.   If I had a garage , this is how I would imagine it would be setup.   It has racing posters, vintage photographs and auto memorabilia on all its walls.  It was a very enjoyable showroom.



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