Race Track for Sale in Houston Texas

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Race Track for Sale in Houston Texas

Grand Sport Motor Sports Park

  • 29 miles south of downtown Houston
  • Club Racing/ Track Rentals/ Racing Schools/ Car Shows/ Concerts

You never hear of a track so close to a major city that is so easily accessible.    This is a very interesting business opportunity.   It is close to a major metropolitan area and can be used for many car and non car related events.   You can throw concerts, setup a racing school,  or host corporate events.  The possibilities seem endless.  It would be fun to have your own track and do what you want.   There are so many enthusiasts that would want to get their cars on the track.  I would like to think this track could be turned into a successful business.


Price: $4,500,000 US Dollars
Contact: David  Zubic (Agent)
Link: Grand Sport Speedway


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  • Moli
    December 8, 2021

    Love it and was thinking exactly same thing but different state.