Primitive Electric Prototype Barn Find

Spotted for sale is an Primitive Electric Prototype Barn Find for $7,500

It cost $3 billion to make 12 vehicles in 1980 I was told this one was made in Australia and somehow it came back to America this is a prototype to the electric car that we know today like the Tesla

I know what you’re thinking why would somebody pay $7500 for a 1980 Ford Fairmont electric car because they only made 12 of these cars and this one is for sale….

it’s already going to cost $3000 just in Batteries alone….

As of January 1, 1982 sixteen private-sector site operators at 30 sites in the US were involved in electric and hybrid electric-powered vehicle demonstration programs. Data for 1981 and the first quarter of 1982 are presented on vehicle selection, miles accumulated, energy usage, maintenance requirements, reliability and operating performance for demonstration vehicles at each site

So If you want a piece of history or to…donate it to a museum… or to Put it in your museum or sell to a Electric company for more money than you buy it from me….

This car was not built by Ford . It was built by a company called EVA that used to buy vehicles and convert them to electric power for profit, they had been doing it since the early 70’s if I remember correctly.
When this particular vehicle left the Ford factory it was equipped with a 3.3L inline-6 engine, which is why the emissions sticker is present. EVA later went on to purchase “Body in White” vehicles from Ford as they had previously done with AMC’s pacer. Those body in white vehicles were not equipped with engines. EVA called these Fairmont conversions the Curfare and were available in wagon, coupe, and 4dr sedan like yours. So this car is an EVA Curfare, not a Ford Fairmont. The DOE tested them in the early 80’s to establish the maturity of the technology:
EVA built a number of vehicles This was the End of electric cars in the 1980s

These cars never come up for sale…

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