Porsche Motor Short stroke 2.8 motor 373 HP

Has anyone been able to recreate this engine’s performance ?

Short stroke 2.8 motor 373 HP & 249 FT. Lbs Torque

Twin plug

I built 5 of these in the late 90,S.It is based on 76-77 Turbo case with a 66mm stroke & 95mm bore.Uses early 3.6 heads with the heads machined for a more narrow stud spacing.Ti rods & valves.Crank has RSR rod throw lightness.Heads flow 324 CFM per cylinder.

Factory Mahle pistons with my design for shape.Specs to buyer only.Spare Ti Valves and Indy IRL Valve springs for buyer.45mm Slide Valve Stacks.Motec engine management.Twin plug of course.373 hp & 249 ft lbs of torque from 4400-8900 rpm.Peak power at 9300 rpm.Heads have copper beryllium valves seats.

This setup has 1 hour of dyno time from new.Set up with special stepped 914-6 headers it was dyno tested with.Or the equal 911 headers from my design with the special step header. Ciao Fred $48,000 OBO.

You could not build this for $60,000.Ciao Fred

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