Porsche Literature Meet at the Hilton LAX Day 1

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Porsche Literature Meet
Location:  Hilton LAX
Event: March 4, 2017

This weekend was heaven for Porsche enthusiasts.  This past week all the major restoration/ repair shops had Open Houses that you could attend.  Then on Saturday was the big Porsche Literature Show which is swap meet for anything Porsche.   All the major parts vendors had tables setup side by side with massive displays of their parts for your restoration needs.    The show has a early entrance fee of $30 to get in at 7 am so you have a chance to get the good stuff first.  General entrance opens at 9 am so you have only 2 hours to scan the entire show.

6 AM Saturday:

I woke up excited and got ready for the show.   They opened at 7 am and I was proud of myself for getting there at 7:15.  As I entered the show, it was already packed with people.   All the vendors had their displays ready and were just as excited to talk to people about their products and services.

Side Note:  Do not bring your girlfriend or wife.  They will not understand your obsession! HAHA

Above: This was parked in front of the Literature Show and its a beautiful blue color.   I wonder what they call this?


Above:  Beautiful GT3RS parked in front of the Literature Show.


Above: The turn out was strong for the Literature Show.


Above:   I didnt realize how big 935 brake calipers and rotors were.   I am intrigued and want to learn more about these cars.


Above:  Yes, those seats are $12,000 USD.  Yikes!


Above: 2 vendors had a set of Rudge Knock Off Wheels for Sale.   One vendor wanted $45,000 USD and this vendor was asking $40,000 USD.  When did Rudge wheels get so expensive.


Above: The 915 RS  transmission cooler is really interesting to me.  I have always wanted it for my car.  I have found these over the years but usually missing parts.   This set seems to be complete minus  the gasket cover.   The vendor wanted $8,000 USD.


Above:  These are Porsche reproduction RSK Brakes Drums.  The vendor had a set he did not need anymore.  He has left and right drums and  included brake shoes as part of the deal for $5,000 USD


Above: This vendor Precision Matters was extremely friendly and willing to explain his products.  He is a class act and I really enjoyed talking to him.


Above:  Aluminum Deck Lid reproduction $1,595 USD


Above: This vendor makes the 16″ wheels found on the 550 Spyder.  They have steel center with aluminum barrels just like the originals.  Price $3,200 USD Each or Set of 5 for $15,000 USD.


Above:  This vendor makes the 550 Spyder reproduction seats as well as other Spyder parts.

Above: This vendor allows you to send in your engine lid and they will put Carrera Louvers into it.   They also make the rain guard found in the center of the top engine lid.

Above:  The vendor provided pictures of 2 incredible 935 engines he had for sale

  1. 3.0 Liter 935 Twin Turbo Engine | Price $180,000 USD
  2. 3.2 Liter 935 Twin Turbo Engine | Price $180,000 USD

Above: 3.0 RSR original slidevalves with matched MFI Unit behind it.  He wanted $60,000 USD.

Above:  3.0 RSR MFI Unit calibrated to work with the slidevalves next to it.   It was being sold as a matched set for $60,000 USD.

Above:  This German Company is making reproductions of the 1.6 Liter 4 cam Carrera engine. He quoted me $200,000 USD to buy one.  He wasnt very forthcoming with information.


Above:  4 cam carrera engine case (reproduction)

Above:  4 cam carrera engine parts

Above:  4 cam carrera engine fan

 Above:  4 cam carrera engine reproduction.  Price $200,000 USD


Here is a replica of the 356 80 Liter Carrera Gas Tank.  Its so beautiful!  They wanted $3,950 for this item at the show.




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  • Jerry
    April 11, 2019

    Do you have or know the vender who sells those 60mm risk drums