Porsche 356C Carrera 2 Wheel : Super Rare

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Porsche 356C Carrera 2 Wheel

Location: Gloversville, New York

Price: $1,000 US Dollars

You dont find many spare wheels like this anymore.  All the Porsche enthusiasts have been hoarding this stuff for years.   The Porsche Carrera 2 used a special 4 cam performance engine.   It seems the Porsche Factory created special wheels for this model with thicker wheel centers to match.   It even has the correct original parts sticker and stampings that corresponds to the Porsche Factory Service Bulletin.

Seller Description:
Here we have something rarely if ever before seen in the 356 world, a super rare Carrera 2 wheel. The Carrera 2’s were given a thicker wheel center like the later 911/912 disc brake wheels. I guess the Factory figured the Carrera’s were going to be driven hard so they gave them reinforced wheels. I have attached a copy of the Porsche Factory Service bulletin explaining the advent of this special wheel. The original parts sticker is also still on the wheel (it corresponds to the part number listed in the service bulletin), so let there be no doubt, this is one of the few, the rare, Carrera 2 wheels. If you have been waiting to find one of these, wait no longer. The regular 356 C wheels were only 3.7, this is the thicker 3.9. These 3.9’s would not become the norm until the arrival of the 911 much later. Seriously, don’t miss out!

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