Porsche 1969 911E Engine 911/09 2.0 liter #6292050 MFI Motor Ex Paul Newman for $24,998

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Spotted for sale in Pennsylvania is a Porsche 1969 911E Engine 911/09 2.0 liter #6292050 MFI Motor Ex Paul Newman for $24,998

You are buying a well running 1969 911E engine. At Thoroughbred Motorsports we built an engine for the original ossi blue 1969 911S that used to be raced and owned by the actor Paul Newman. We took this 911E 2.0 liter engine on trade that was last in that car and this engine is being auctioned here. The story is that he raced the 69 911S hard and modified the engine to a point where it was no longer streetable and the original engine may have gotten hurt. He retired the car from the track or racing and started to use it as a daily driver and put this 1969 911E engine into it. The car had been sitting for over 20 years and is currently being restored. We revived the engine as shown in the videos below on our engine test stand in Gulf livery. It does not appear to be stock as the compression is quite high and the engine is very snappy. We refurbished the chain-tensioners and changed some seals and gaskets, did a service on the MFI pump, ultrasonically cleaned and tested the fuel injectors, cleaned and re-coated the exhaust system, and then test ran the engine. The compression seems quite high – and remember this is after 20 years of sitting, not usually a good representation for a flat six air-cooled engine. Usually after sitting the compression is inconsistent and low until the engine breaks in again. Our compression measurements after a couple of test runs were: cyl 1: 165, cyl 2: 177, cyl 3: 168, cyl 4: 170, cyl 5: 168, cyl 6: 178, usually 911E 2.0 engines are around 140-150.

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