Porsche 1951 356/2 Gmund SL

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I was able to see this car in person at the Pebble Beach Concours D’Elegance this year.    It has an incredible story behind it as well.    Porsche has been displaying a  replica at the Porsche Museum all these years because they could not find the original.    The original was sold and delivered to America.   This car had its top cut off and raced in California all these years as a red roadster.   No one knew this was the 356SL that won Le Mans until now…   What a great find!

Rod Emory explains in this great video.


porsche-356sl-1951-le-mans-winner-3 porsche-356sl-1951-le-mans-winner-4


porsche-356sl-1951-le-mans-winner-5 porsche-356sl-1951-le-mans-winner-8

porsche-356sl-1951-le-mans-winner-15 porsche-356sl-1951-le-mans-winner-14 porsche-356sl-1951-le-mans-winner-13 porsche-356sl-1951-le-mans-winner-12 porsche-356sl-1951-le-mans-winner-11porsche-356sl-1951-le-mans-winner-10   porsche-356sl-1951-le-mans-winner-16

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