Mustang 5.0 Swapped BMW E36

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Spotted for sale is a Foxbody 5.0 Swapped BMW E36 M3

24hrs Lemons Lucky Dog Race Car

Don’t let the Ebay fender flares, Autozone gauges and caved in body panels fool you, this is actually a giant turd. Hundreds of painstaking hours have gone into this build and boy it will break hearts, and bank accounts. If you’re ready to pass tech but not the finish line at the next Lemons or Lucky Dog race, then continue reading. 

Once upon a time this unfortunate soul of a car was the pinnacle of the great autohaus known as BMW. It left the production line with the sparkling roundel we all know too well, with high hopes of being taken care of well into old age. Somewhere along the line a group of complete morons hidden away in the mountains of Santa Cruz decided the venerable S50 wasn’t good enough so they went to their local pick-n-pull and found what could be the crustiest 5.0 on the face of the planet, mated it to a transmission made of glass and shoehorned the entire mess into this unsuspecting chassis. If the car owned a rape whistle it was undoubtedly blowing it as hard and loud as possible. 

Enter my (to remain unnamed) esteemed colleague and myself. 

As with any unhealthy relationship, this car will pull you in with its sexy but forbidding appearance and possibility for more. We have done our best to improve upon the disaster they created while keeping it within the limitations of Lemons. We have tried to keep it crusty to avoid penalty laps in A group but if one decided Lemons is not for them there is a lot of room for reasonably easy improvements. I won’t go through the complete list of modifications but some of the highlights are:

World Class T5 Transmission (if you’re going T5 this is the one to own)
5.0 pulled from early 90’s Foxbody
Limited-Slip rear Differential
All the standard M3 stuff like brakes, control arms etc. 
Fancy Pants Sparco ADV seat with halo style containment
ALL of the factory BMW wiring stripped and complete re-wire with plenty of room for more circuits if needed
Mystery Coil-overs
New Edelbrock Carburetor 
Big honking Apex rims and tires!
Engine oil cooler
Condor Speed Shop Lexan window kit
All fluids are fresh (honestly) 
Brand new high torque mini-starter
Brand new lightweight Deka AGM battery 

Whether you want to go racing in Lemons or throw a hand brake in it and slide around a drift pad this is a solid platform to start with. For those that race you have probably experienced the Foxbody that walks everyone down the straights then parks itself in a corner, and the E36 that out corners damn near EVERYTHING but will get shit on in the straights. BMW power isn’t cheap, Ford power is. Experience the best of both worlds, and some sleepless nights with this gem.

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Comes with a tub of misc spares, extra set of aftermarket rims and cooler for coolshirt setup. Current harness is expired so you would need that to go racing tomorrow, otherwise this is basically ready to roll. Asking $500 for the spare rims, make an offer for everything else.

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