Monterey Car Week Day 1 (Arrival)

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drive to carmel

We made the drive to Carmel  for the Monterey Car Week. It was a long drive but it was well worth it.   Once we got past Santa Barbara the road opened up and was virtually traffic free.

carmel roadtrip cowboy

Famous Landmark. Carmel not far away now!

carmel porsche

We have arrived in Carmel by the Sea. The rooms at our hotel are super quaint and ours has an ocean and meadow view. Not too bad


Delicious carbonara with peas and pancetta


My favorite gallery is closed for the evening.   Will make time for a visit over the weekend.



Bentley with the flying B emblem


Mercedes 300sl Roadster



Lamborghini Superleggerra


carmel car under tarp

Can any one guess what is under the car cover?  LOL, Please don’t say “a car” . We know it’s a car but which one?

OK, going to get some zzzz and start fresh tomorrow morning.

Will be posting some amazing cars tomorrow. Lunch is at Quail Lodge.

Good Night Car Nuts !!



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