Mercedes 300SE Cabriolet

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Spotted for sale is a 1967/68 300SE Cabriolet W-112 for $315,000

I have a very rare 300 se Cabriolet built in June of 1967. This is the rarest year of this model and the rarest of the body type.This one was the prototype for the next year, 1968, which was never built because they were discontinued before 1968. On the build sheet for the car it orders the car and one set of keys be given to a Herrn Korell in the Abteilung Ausstellung department. Every odd numbered year there is an auto show in Germany to show the new features and model of each maker. This car was one of the autos Mercedes Benz showed that year at Ausstellung (IAA) Frankfurt Germany and was specially prepared for the show as a stationary display. This model is actually rarer than the Gullwing 300sl or the very popular 280se 3.5 Cabriolet which looks similar to this model. Only 708 W-112 Convertibles were ever built and the rarest by far is the 1967 of which they built about 53. This is the only one built to what was the proposed 1968 standards and styling, please note the photos of two different steering wheels. The photo of black steering wheel is a 1968 600 short limo, the white wheel and dash is from my car this is the only 1967 I have seen with the 68 dash and steering which proves it was built to 68 standards for the show making it unique as no other was produced to these standards and styling making it a one off. At the bottom find a couple of links to auctions that I believe this auto could surpass quickly were it restored, given the fact that this is the car only one built as the example of the 1968 year model which was ultimately not produced.,17047/1967-Mercedes-Benz-300SE.aspx

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