Lotus Esprit S1 Series 1 1977 90% restoration for $100,000

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Spotted for sale in California is a Lotus Esprit S1 Series 1 1977 90% restoration for $100,000

Lotus Esprit S1 Series 1 1977 90% restoration has been completed
The next owner take over the rest of the work. Sell to serious vintage Lotus collectors
It is a vehicle that takes time to restore seriously. It is a restore vehicle that spends time on money.
Please serious buyer contact only.

Here is detail information.

I have been working on S1 restoration. The vehicle has been completely disassembled and started from chassis refurbished! As of now 90% restoration has been finished already. Next owner has to put back body parts on chassis and work brakes and put back interior and some body finish work then the car will be one of most beautiful Esprit S1!
This car engine has been fully rebuilt and upgraded internally. 2.2litter 11.5:1 compression. Installed special order made forged ross pistons and in and ex has 104 camshafts installed. Cylinder head has been fully refurbished and ported and polished. Upgraded valve springs and guide and stem seals. Transmission has been fully refurbished with a new custom order made SPEC clutch system. Chassis and brake system upgrade. Interior and body work almost done!

All chassis parts were completely disassembled. Chassis has removed rust and powder coated. Powder coated all control arms and tubing. Chassis front suspension area metal frame has been reinforced with more tubing and bar and now the front suspension frame is stronger than the original car. Also, re-design and made front suspension coil over shock mount on frame. And front lower control arms are upgraded and replaced rubber to spherical bearings and rear swings arms have been installed with spherical bearings! Front sway bar mount upgraded with new sway bar tension rods. Also, front and rear lower control arms can adjust camber now! On the rear engine room area, I add more tubing and reinforcement inside Engine room area. Rear chassis area should be solid compared to before. Rear suspension arms are upgraded! Rear suspension can mount the coilover system now.
Most chassis bolts are nut and washers are new and cleaned up.
All aluminum cast parts has been cleaned! Looks like new car!
finished completely rebuild
2.2liter 11.5:1 compression. Using Ross forged pistons. Using 1989 2.2 liter Esprit turbo crankshaft. Full weight balanced piston, weight balanced piston pins and flywheel, all gaskets, bearings, seal, O-rings head gasket are replaced.
Cylinder head refurbished and polished. exhaust port polish and size up match with gasket. Air pump nozzle closed by 1/8” metal plugs.
Camshaft intake and exhaust using 104 camshafts
Installed solid valve timing tensioner
Installed JAE upgrade timing belt
Installed green dot camshaft sprockets. For 104 camshafts.
Installed full rebuild water pump system
Installed pointless ignition distributor
Powder coated camshafts housing covers.
full over rebuild and upgraded main jet and pump jet and replace most jet parts for 104 cams and high compression new engine. I have all the information.
refurbished transmission and replaced gaskets and seals. Replaced driveshaft oil shaft seals. Main input shaft seal.
Steering gear box has been completely refurbished!
Shift linkage system has been refurbished with new rubber bushing and some specially made metal bushings. Shafter system is fully cleaned up. Shift is super smooth now. Shaft has been removed and the power coat finished. linkage system fully refurbished.
JIC Magic special order made coilover system( not made yet) Camber adjustable lower control arm with spherical bearing mount. Upper arms bushing has been replaced with hard bushings. Both control arms have been powder-coat finished
Front HUB & bearings, front L&R hub bearing have been replaced. Front L&R hub upright finished black powder coat finished.
JIC Magic special order made coilover kit. Swing arm has been powder-coated. Original lower arm has been modified and now camber adjustable. I add tension rod in case we wanted to upgrade the chassis.
Rear HUB & bearings, Rear hub carrier cleaned up. Rear swing arms have been powder-coated.
aluminum pipe and hoses cleaned up and installed on chassis
come with Porsche 993C2/928S4 Brembo calipers and 320mm rotors. Made for 16 inch wheel fit. Next buyer must work the brake rotor hat and install. For 14 inch wheel, the next owner needs to Looking for a better stock design caliper and looking for 280mmOD rotors. Please let me know which setup you want to. I will give you a weather setup.
The 16 inch wheel is BBS style. The 14 inch wheels are a gold color from S2. Rear brake system is stock.
all metal lines cleaned up and refurbished!
Installed Honda S2000 brake master cylinder and booster for Brembo brake caliper performance
large size metal copper radiator. Refurbished and finished presser test!
This car will come with installed AC hoses inside the main frame already. Compressor is on the engine and I haven’t had a blower fan evaporator system since I got this car.. Car comes with a brand new condenser. Next owner has to work on the AC for installation.
front L&R original S1 seats. both seats have been refurbished very clean Like new
Door L&R panels upholstery has been full refurbished, seats, seat back panel, center console, dash panels, most upholstery finished. need order carpets and headliner. center console come with new air duct and new power window switch metal panels. front sunviser are new. Room light clear plastic cover is new! Some interior upholstery need to do!
sound insulator has been replaced with a new design material one. All Interior’s sound insulators are replaced. Most interior upholstery are finished
come with all original meter systems. Nothing missing. Come with some spare switches. All meters are in very good condition. Instrument dash upholstery need
fully refurbished, cleaned up inside and removed all rust and re-sealed inside. All fuel hoses are new.
mechanical fuel pump, fuel hoses, fuel filter are new.
S2 14-inch genuine wheel set and 16-inch vintage BBS style wheels you choice.
whole body fiberglass repair and sand stripped spend 6 months to finish. Worked and finished door’s hood, engine room back hood, headlight cover, side panels, body top rails, inside engine rooms, inside front trunk, body finished complete work. front bumper and rear bumper and and style is UK style. removed US bumpers.
Replaced all moldings on body
Replaced rear L&R tail light and fixed housing shape and re-seal housing
Fix headlight aluminum linkage mount and replace gaskets.
Fixed felled door and adjust and put back all door internal parts and replaced weather strip and dust seals
Removed the room back window glass and cleaned up and replaced again.
Removed parking brake system and maintenance and put back and closed
and more!!!

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