Lancia SE 037

Lancia Delta S 4: ′′ Mazinga

I never knew who, seeing for the first time the Lancia SE 037 equipped with all the tests of ′′ integral traction ′′ and mono or double sequential duplication Volumex and Turbocharged Turbocharged it ′′ MAZINGA “.
But I know he deserves a round of applause in standing ovaton for 10 minutes: maybe he had some small son who showed him Japanese ′′ Toons… ′′ Throw at me the components I fight!!”.
What I know is that whoever tried it in 1984, at La Mandria’s Evidence Implant, between Giorgio Pianta and Valter Rostagno, made it (They, used to ′′ crush ′′ wild and indomitable horses ′′) impressions that are not leave room for doubt:
′′ A fantastic and brutal thruster, you couldn’t stand behind ′′ even the gear shifts going up. But there was no longer a way to drive like with ′′ Zero “, which was so refined in Evo2 that it was always predictable, true and truthful. Mazinga had an imprisoned propeller, full of Horses, but you didn’t know where and how to tame them…, Partiva like a ′′ Zero ′′ and in straight line, when Volumetric ended, the Turbo would ′′ shoot ′′ you in Hyperspace and then come the first curve : inserted into release, like on the Zero, and then you’d put ′′ everything down “. And the front wheels would stand up, it would power…, condemning you, in the turns after on the ′′ N ′′ of asphalt, to ′′ close Gas ′′ and to wrestling with a crazy understeer in insertion, travel and exit of the curve. At the study level, in the ′′ primordial ′′ of propulsion, it was beautiful, pure magic but, on the driving level, to deliberate that Zero, we were in a ′′ panic ′′ so it was brutal. He shredded tires, raised his face and was a big ′′ ugly beast “. For us still a lot of work to do…”.
On technical judgement, I invite you to ′′ skip work ′′ of consultation and study, where Engineer Sergio Limone describes very well the ′′ Research & Development of the propeller and traction “, in his first applications on MAZINGA.
The opera is ′′ Le Abarth after Carlo Abarth “, it consists of the Sergio Limone Planning notes drawn up by the good coordination of Luca Gastaldi: the most interesting part is on Page 76: outspoken impressions of a very good engineer Turinese that ′′ leave their mark ′′ for those who can grasp them..
Find that book, if you don’t find it, borrow it and read it for a breath: there is almost everything about Engineer Sergio Limone’s ′′ Best Beauty ′′ and the endless Torino trips to reach, always first, our ′′ little ′′ competitive supremacy in the World. Ed YES is not the only masterpiece, there is much, but much more.
Cesare Fiorio called them ′′ My Scientists “. Well, since my little one of the days, I can’t but agree with Him. Scientists…

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