Lamborghini Espada Tools and Parts

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Lamborghini Espada Items for sale

Since finding the Espada , I wanted to see what other parts could be sourced for a restoration project.  Apparently you can still get reproduction  Espada emblems.   The tool bag , wrenches, and screwdrivers can still be  found since they are shared across other production models.  There are even Espada doors for sale on Ebay in Los Angeles.


Espada Tool Bag: $440 on Ebay

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Lamborghini Espada Wrenches / Spanners    Price: $699  US Dollars

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Lamborghini Espada Phillips Screwdriver   Price: 105.78

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Lamborghini Espada Doors   Located in Arcadia , California

Price: $5,000 US Dollars

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Lamborghini Espada Left Window Switch

Price: $55 US Dollars  / 9 available

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  • Bashar Yasin
    August 16, 2018

    I need brake servo for my 1976 espada do u have it?