KUGOK 500SEC Owned by the former King of Saudi Arabia

Spotted for sale is a KUGOK 500SEC Owned by the former King of Saudi Arabia for €75,000

Spotted FOR SALE
KUGOK 500SEC Owned by the former King of Saudi Arabia
Model C126 500SEC
Price 75 000€
Year 1985
Mileage 151 115km
Location Bulgaria

This is one of only six ever made KUGOK C126, and this is a rare opportunity to buy such a car.

6 Owners
1st the former King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud
He bought the car back in 1985 when he was a prince and drove it for 60-70 000km till 1988. The car had a registration plate ” 7662″ and the symbols that are only available to the Royal Family.

2nd Owner was the traumatologist that was working for the Royal Family back then which acquired the car as a gift from the King, the traumatologist imported the car in 1988 in Sweden and then drove the car for 2 years till 1990, after which he sold to a Mercedes collector because he needed money to buy a house.

3rd Owner The Mercedes collector in Sweden owned the car till 1992 then sold it to another guy.

4th Owner drove the car for about 40-50 000km till 2008.

5th Owner had the car from 2008 to 2016 when the current owner bought the car from.

6th Current Owner has done only 120km in the car since the purchase. He changes fluids every year although the car isn’t driven.

The current owner hasn’t done any restoration such as repaint and wood refinish because he wants the future owner to decide if that should be done or no.
The car was made from Kugok was a coachbuilder as SGS but made cars only for the Royal and that’s why there were only 6 made and this is the only one with normal doors the other 5 cars they made had the “gullwing” style doors.
The car is equipped with park assist system from Clarion also with full Clarion sound system, mini fridge between the front seats, full KUGOK exterior body package with full KUGOK exhaust system, and lowered suspension, Lorinser 16” wheels and a wooden Nardi steering wheel.
The car has faded paint due to the harsh sun in Saudi Arabia but overall mechanically is in good shape minor rust spots here and there on the panels but nothing serious as rotting. The rear muffler is crooked in the pictures because the owner tore one of the muffler rubber hanger while he was coming for the photoshoot that happened due to the height of the car.
The owner would fully restore the car for no additional cost at the buyer’s request.
I’ve put in the album some of the documents as pictures and also pictures of the body kit and other flaws.

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