Jaguar D-Type: Left Door Cunningham Race Team



Jaguar D-Type: Left Door  Cunningham Race Team

Interesting piece of history.

Price: $3,500

Location: Daytona Beach, Florida



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Original Left Side Door from one of the CUNNINGHAM D-type JAGUARs.

Original Jaguar D-type door with period race modifications by the USA Cunningham Racing Team, (a second outer skin to blend into the full-width perspex window and a swing down piano style door hinge replacing the standard Jaguar horizontal door hinges).
Color is Off White outside with white “meatball” and what looks like faint number “12”, Inside is dark blue or black over a earlier Blue.
Dimensions are 22″ x 16″ x 4″

I took photos of this door next to a Cuningham D-type in the Collier museum in Naples Florida.
This door matches that car exactly in size, shape and paint patterns, and the car in the museum has a replacement door, so this could be the original for that car.
I bought this door in England many years ago. A Jaguar Team mechanic that worked there when the D-type was new told me that he recognised the Alfred Momo drilled door handle lightening holes.
Condition is unchanged from when I bought the door. It shows scratches, paint chips and dings associated with racing, the perspex window is partially missing. The door latch functions as it should.
This can be the first step in owning that Jag D-type you always wanted.
Cool piece of racing history and fun to think of the places and people this door has seen and touched. Perfect wall art for the vintage Sports Car collector or Jaguar C D E type, Porsche 356 550 904, Ferrari 250 GT or Aston Martin Racer. This is something your friends won’t have and the gift for the person with everything.


Notice the drilled handle on the door.


Notice the drilled handle on the door.












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