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James Coburn
Ferrari 250 GT spider 1961

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Instead of using a device in front of the vehicle to clear mines, the Minenräumer itself rolled over and exploded the mines. Passing overhead, the Minenräumer would detonate any mines and clear a path for troops and vehicles behind it. ...

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1960 F1
Ducati V8 desmodronic 170 hp to be installed in the O.S.C.A. Maserati

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A Sherman tank fitted with a T1E3 mine exploder.

These rollers were developed from a series of similar types, that used the weight of heavy metal discs to detonate mines. The T1E3 consisted of 10 steel rollers, each weighing 2100 kg (4600 lbs), that were driven by the tank's sprockets via chains.

Each side could articulate to follow the contours of the ground. In total, the system weighed more than 22,200 kgs (59,000 lbs). A few hundred were built, and the type was used successfully in the latter portions of the Second World War. However their enormous size and weight limited their practicality, and severely reduced the Sherman's mobility.

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Each evolution of the Testarossa could be optioned with beautiful leather luggage sets specific to that model

Testarossa = 6 pieces
512tr/512m = 5 pieces

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1956 Florio Plate 1972
AlfaRomeo 33TT3 Galli - Marko
(Forklift) Ferrari 312 PB Merzario - Munari

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Kiwis lay the largest egg in relation to their body size of any species of bird in the world. It can weigh as much as 450 g: if we compare that proportion to humans, it would mean giving birth to a fully grown 4 year old kid. ...

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1935 Monaco Trossi Aero-engined Grand Prix Car

Built by Augusto Monaco and Carlo Felice Trossi, the 1935 Monaco Trossi is a front engined model, designed to race in Grand Prix.

However, due to terrifying driving dynamics, it never did.
It has a 16 cyl. 2 stroke (3982cc) radial air-cooled engine that powers the front wheels.
Each of the 8 "blocks" has 2 cylinders with common combustion chambers.
The intake is at the rear with 2 Zoller Superchargers and the exhaust to the front into a 4 pipe collector, leading to each side of the car.
It is rated 250hp at 6000 rpm.

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