Genuine Lamborghini Countach Rear Wing

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Genuine Lamborghini Countach Rear Wing

Price: $9.995 USD

Seller is a dealer:  SW2 Heritage Cars

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I”m not surprised at the price.  I was offered one in Los Angeles for $6,000 almost 4 years ago.  They are rare and impossible to find OEM part, so its hard to find fault when one comes up for sale.    A Lamborghini Countach owner who wants the rear wing has no option but to pay the price.   I honestly prefer them without the wing but they look good both ways.    I have never seen the front wing from the Cannon ball movie for sale anywhere.   I wonder if that was a one off for the movie?

Euro bumpers really make the car but the front wing is debateable, but still an interesting option. I never found any factory documentation on a front wing.   Does anyone know more about this?




Rear Wing is in great condition.  Looks perfect for an OEM part.

lamborghini-countach-wing-2 lamborghini-countach-wing-4



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