Freightliner Unimog with Case bucket and backhoe 4×4 diesel excavator

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Spotted for sale is a Freightliner Unimog with Case bucket and backhoe 4×4 diesel excavator for $36,995

1989 FLU 419 military SEE tractor (small emplacement excavator) 528 original miles with a complete rebuild/ restoration by the military in 2010. These are based on the same model as the 406 Unimog. On the front of the truck is a front end loader bucket with teeth for moving materials and loading trucks. It is rated at .75 cubic yards, the lift height is 98″ it will lift 3,300lbs, and the breakout force is 6,000lbs. On the rear is a Case 580 backhoe attachment. It can dig up to 14′ deep with a reach of over 17′. It has a 10,000lbs break out force. You can dismount the front end loader and the backhoe making a small very agile truck. The truck also has a hydraulic hose real that can run hydraulic powered accessories ie. Chainsaw, Jack Hammer, drill, impact etc.(included)

It has a Mercedes 6 cylinder inline 346 cubic inch diesel that runs strong. Top speed rated by the military is 50mph. Portal axles with disc brakes. The 4×4 system works great, the front and rear differential will lock together providing true 4 wheel drive. The tractor has been completely gone through, all functions have been tested and WORK properly.

Truck has no visible leaks. Good condition inside and out. Shipping weight is 16,000lbs. Perfect for mining landscaping farming ranch duties etc. tractor flu419

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