Ford Woodie Wagon 1941

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Ford Woody Wagon 1941 2

Ford Woodie Wagon 1941
8 cylinders
Excellent Condition

Located in Rancho Santa Margarita

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From Seller:

Enjoy the photos of this beautiful and original Woody Wagon! It gets thumbs up and smiling nods as it cruises by all who enjoy the nostalgia of an American icon.

Ford Woody Wagon 1941 1

This is a FANTASTIC example of a very rare 1941 Ford Woody (Woodie) Super Deluxe wearing its ORIGINAL wood body, original wood interior, original exterior roof (yes original), original radio (not currently installed),original sheet metal, original wheels and caps (not on car), original trim throughout, it’s original 3 speed manual transmission, and a VERY RARE 1941 dealer installed Columbia rear end. This particular rear end gives this car a total of 6 gears! The wood is in GORGEOUS condition with that right amount of patina not to be confused with rot or deterioration in any form. You cannot duplicate this wood and for most if not all experts agree that original unrestored original wood of this quality far surpasses the value of new or restored wood. It took almost 75 years to get this wood in this condition and it cannot be duplicated. EVER.

Ford Woody Wagon 1941 6
What has been restored was necessary to keep the car mechanically sound and only very few items were restored cosmetically. Those items include a beautifully restored dash and equally as beautiful restored seats with 100% leather all the way around. No vinyl here my friends. The running boards also have a refresh and look great! These items were addressed very recently and have no wear.

Ford Woody Wagon 1941 7

The paint was addressed a number of years ago by the previous owner and shows very well with some imperfections. Those would include cracks on the hood and fish eyes on one of the rear fenders. The paint however shines bright as you can see in the photos. The motor (a period correct flathead V-8 with 85 HP), 3 on the tree tranny, and the Columbia rear end were all rebuilt within the past several years and perform flawlessly as they should. Except for the horn and wipers this is a turn key and go car all the way!
To sum things up this is the Woody that is unlike most. It has the best of all worlds when it comes to the desirability of a rare one year only Ford Woody, all original wood, a Columbia rear end, a V-8, beautiful leather upholstery, and being mechanically sound. Just amazing………..


Ford Woody Wagon 1941 3


Ford Woody Wagon 1941 9


Ford Woody Wagon 1941 4


Ford Woody Wagon 1941 5


Ford Woody Wagon 1941 8

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