Ferrari Dino 246GT Rolling Chassis For Sale in UK

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Ferrari Dino 246GT Rolling Chassis For Sale in UK

Location: Colchester,United Kingdom
Seller: / Eddie Walsh at:
Price:  GBP 295,000.00 or $366,773 US Dollars

This is a rolling chassis with no engine or transmission.  I think his asking price is pretty optimistic since its not a complete car.   I do agree these cars have beautiful lines and are poised to continue to appreciate over time.  Not having a complete car is going to be a problem for most people.   Below is the seller’s Ebay description of his car.

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Seller states: This is probably the last of the really great Ferrari Classic cars that will appreciate just like the original 206 GT, 206 SP and 250 gto,so grab a piece of Ferrari History before it is too expensive ?? currently heading towards half a million and I wouldn’t be surprised if it gets to £1m in next 10 years ???, for complete restoration,it is the best investment I ever made so why not make it yours ???.


Hi here we have whats left of my Ferrari Dino 246 GT Right Hand Drive, this car has never been restored ( apart from me trial fitting one right hand sill, most have been restored and some not very well at all as they have just been quickly done to get a good price, but the new owners soon realize and they have to do the job properly which is not cheap especially if you have already paid a top Premium Price ?? ) so all as original.These Cars are now getting very rare in this condition as most have been restored and fetch well over a £450K  to  £600K AND ARE STILL APPRECIATING, so if you always wanted one then this might be your last chance to grab one of the most desirable of the early production Ferrari.  

I do have the New Log Book ( V5) and registered in my Name since 01/06/1979 ( Number of former Keepers 2 )  and 2 old MOT certificates dated May 1978 and May 1979 this was the last time it was on the road, and has not been on the road since I drove it the 50 miles from London where I bought it, so really was only on the road from 1972 till 1979 and covered 43,000 Miles approx, and has been in storage ever since, I have mainly used it for Patterns for making panels and or spares over the years, I have sold the missing parts over the years when restoring Customers cars, originally was going to restore but as usual after I started to sell the odd bit here and there when I was doing Customers cars and when I was hard up, so all I have left is what you see in the photo the chassis is fine but shell needs restoring, no Engine/Gearbox, doors, ( I have just started to make some new doors as you can see in latest pics) engine lid, Boot lid, bonnet, seats, Glass or dash, never had any crash damage so Chassis is as straight as when it left the Factory, got all the usual rust front lower panel, around headlamps, sills, rear corners and joining center strip where reversing lamp goes, as you can see from Photos, and all the underside of shell has been sprayed with a mix of Diesel and engine oil for protection and to halt further rusting and to make disassemble a lot easier, chassis still has all the suspension on and most of the brakes, ( one front Brake disc and Master Cylinder missing) the Steering column, rack and Wood rim Steering Wheel are still there, no Steering Lock or Switch, Gear lever and Handbrake is also in place, Wiring Loom is still in place, Radiator and fans also heater boxes as you can see from the front bay photo are also in place, and 5 OE Wheels and Tyres,  tyres are old worn ones just for moving about, it can only appreciate, as seen from the latest Auction News the prices are still definitely going up  ???.

I wonder what it will be worth this time next year or the year after ??, I am in no rush to sell so no silly offers,  all I am hoping for is to sell in the next 10 years as I would like to retire by then, this is the best investment I ever made so now it could be yours as there is nothing that beats a Classic Ferrari, so Thanks for looking and any questions or to come and view call me anytime on, Treat yourself for Christmas, you know you are worth it !!!!!!! no need to tell the wife or Husband ??

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