Ferrari Bimbo Racer Project for $3,500 USD

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Spotted for sale is a Michelotti-designed Ferrari Bimbo Racer for sale for $3,500 USD. This little children’s race car is in need of a full restoration. There seem to be a lot of missing parts but would still be a fun project to take on.

These little racers were built in the 1950s and imported into America by Ferrari, Inc of South San Francisco. It is not known how many were built but they do pop up from time to time. The most original examples going for $15,000 + at auctions.

Price $3,500 USD

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The 1956 “Baby Ferrari” Bimbo Racer Child’s Car was hand-built by S.I.L.A in Torino, Italy. It was designed by Giovanni Michelotti to resemble the Ferrari 375MM. The body measures 5 feet 6 inches long with a 3-foot 4-inch wheelbase. The height is 23 inches tall at the top of the windshield and is 29 inches wide. It uses a quality fiberglass body and rides on Pirelli rubber tires, wheels, and hubcaps. The power came from a 12V electric power train which allowed it to travel nearly 35 miles at 7 mph before needing a recharge. The early cars used friction drive motors, then switched to chain drive motors. It was advertised that this baby Ferrari was able to climb 20% grades and the battery could last 5-6 hours. It featured full leather interior, fitted rubber floor mat, foot pedal brakes, accelerator, and handbrake. It uses 3 forward gears with a 12 volt battery and charging system connected to an electric motor with a rear-wheel chain drive. It had full range steering, full front, and rear suspension and springs. The pneumatic tires with Siata wire wheel cover along with 4 wheel brakes. In recent years, enthusiasts have wanted to collect racers due to the designer, manufacturer, quality, and rarity.

Full restored Bimbo Racer Below

Above: Notice the 12 Volt hood badge

Above: A close look at the steering wheel badge which is often missing.

SOLD On March 9, 2018 a 1956 Bimbo Racer 12V Children’s Car sold for $21,600 USD plus fees.

Above: Bimbo Racer Friction Motor (early production)
Above: Bimbo Racer Chain Drive Motor (2nd gen production)
Above: Bimbo Racer Accelerator / Brake Pedal / 3 forward gear shift / emergency brake
Above: Bimbo Racer with Restored Leather Interior/ Rubber Floormat / Shift Lever/ Emergency Brake/ Bimbo Racer Script on Dash
Above: This red bimbo racer was found in Phoenix arizona for $1,800 USD.

The rare and almost impossible to find Steering Wheel V12 Button for $250 USD

Here is a very nice example of a Bimbo Racer for sale in Europe for 21,500 Euros ($25,465 USD). Notice the correct floor mat.

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  • Anthony
    April 18, 2021

    Hi do you know where I can buy one of these I really want one thanks please let me know

  • Tim Scotti
    September 26, 2021

    Nice article , I was the owner who had the blue bimbo racer on Craigslist … It would have been a fun project but parts are almost impossible to source. the ad drew lots of attention and I had many offers from people who wanted me to part it out.. I decided to sell it as a whole car and it went to a nice guy in Long Island N.Y.